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Christine Hassler (Bestselling Author, Keynote speaker and Master Coach)- Whether you are going through health issues or helping others who are, Lisa will inspire you to see your challenging moments as huge opportunities for growth and show you how to heal.


Dr. Habib Sedeghi (Tedx Speaker, Bestselling Author) Creating a new reality around how and why illness comes to us allows us to expands the idea of what healing is. Lisa has shown the world that you may not be able to control the stream, but you can control the direction of your rudder and create a new perception of it. She teaches that to change your personal world and the world at large, you must change your perception of it first. Then you will find healing happening in ways you least expected and begin to heal and teach on another level.

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Betsie J, Nursing and Health Coach Director- Lisa is a force! She’s shown me and my clients how to recreate from the cellular level and now I feel free and more alive than ever! I have more confidence in my work and life because she has shown me a different way to shift that’s simple and permanent. I wish they taught how the quantum way worked when I was in grad school. My patients would have gotten better so much faster!

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Susan P, Health Coach and Founder of Fit Mit - Lisa has been the inspiration for me to do my highest level of work. She has shown me really simple ways that get massive results with my clients and in my own life.

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Kate B CEO, Nonprofit. Lisa acts as a bridge between spiritual and the mental state, It's like she translates another language. I can read about it but I always have questions later. She helps me figure things out quickly.

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I have suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and depression since I was young.  In the past 30+ years I have taken every type of prescription medicine and met many therapists in the hope of getting better.  Nothing worked, until Lisa.   I have never in my life been so challenged yet rewarded.  She changed my life….in the best way possible!  Anita W.

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Denise W, CEO and Marketing Genius - Lisa doesn't do anything half-way, but with fierce commitment to creating and helping you live a better life. She will support and motivate you to step into your own power and live the life you want.

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She has a strong spirit, and speaks with compassion and intention. Her goal really is to bring more light to the world. -Barb S.