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Lisa acts as a bridge between spiritual and the mental state, It's like she translates another language. I can read about it but I always have questions later. She helps me figure things out quickly. -Kate W.

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I have suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and depression since I was young.  In the past 30+ years I have taken every type of prescription medicine and met many therapists in the hope of getting better.  Nothing worked, until Lisa.   I have never in my life been so challenged yet rewarded.  She changed my life….in the best way possible!  Anita W.

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Lisa is serious about helping others, she does it with love and humor. She doesn't do anything half-way, but with fierce commitment to creating and helping you live a better life, in spite of trials and tribulations. She will support and motivate you to step into your own power and live the life you want. - Denise W.

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She has a strong spirit, and speaks with compassion. -Barb S.